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What is the simplest way to programmatically export Excel data to Matlab?

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If you are running Matlab on Windows with Excel installed, try XLSREAD.

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Note that having Excel installed is no longer a requirement. mathworks.nl/help/matlab/ref/xlsread.html –  Dennis Jaheruddin Aug 14 '13 at 9:46

If there's not much text annotation in the Excel file, save it as a csv, then use the MATLAB function csvread.

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For a bit of $$$, you can get the MATLAB add-on Excel Link, which provides a nice clean interface for transferring data back and forth between the two programs.

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As has been said, XLSREAD is the right function for the job. On a non-Windows system it will also work without Excel installed. However, it supposedly lacks some of Excels advanced features.

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