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I'm trying to select only submissions that belongs to unlocked users (I'm using FOSUserBundle). Since I have a ManyToOne relationship on the submission entity, I figured that it might work to use nested conditions with findBy, it does not crash but gives me an empty result.

$submissions = $this->getDoctrine()
            'author' => array(
                'locked' => false
        array('createdAt' => 'DESC'),

Do I have to use query builder with joins for this to work? Something like the above would be so much cleaner code. It seemes to me that this would be a common problem for blog posts in a blog system and so on...

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No you can't do such thing. But you will get even cleaner code if you move building query to a custom repository for Submission entity. For example the code will be look like:

$submissions = $this->getDoctrine()

Where fetchByUnlockedAuthor would be a method in your custom repository.

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