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I actual got a problem with my jqGrid and I couldn't find any similar problem on the net. Maybe I don't took the write tags for it, sorry tho.

Okay lets start talking about the real problem. I'm using inline editing, and I customized the buttons a bit. I wanna use "ENTER" and "ESC"-Keys as shortcuts. This works fine. I'm manipulating the data in my grid local and only if the user is pressing a specialised button I'll save the data in a file. This files are used to fill the grid too. So if the user now is editing any row in the grid which isn't in my file yet, and he is canceling the editing by pressing ESC, the complete row of data is getting deleted.

Anyone who can help me out? My grid:

        // Table
            datatype: "json", 
            jsonReader: {
                repeatitems: false
                {name:'1',index:'1', width:200, align:"left", sortable:true,editable:true, edittype:"text"},
                {name:'2',index:'2', width:200, align:"left", sortable:true,editable:true, edittype:"select",editoptions:{value:b}}, 
                {name:'3',index:'3', width:200, align:"left", sortable:true,editable:true, edittype:"text"}, 
                {name:'4',index:'4', width:220, align:"left", sortable:true,editable:true, edittype:"select",editoptions:{value:""}}, 
                {name:'5',index:'5', width:200, align:"left",sortable:true,editable:true, edittype:"select",editoptions:{value:""}}
            rowTotal: 2000,
            loadtext: 'Reading data...',
            height: '100%',
            width: '100%',
            hidegrid: false,
            sortable: true,
            toppager: true,
            gridview: true, 
            viewrecords: true,
            rownumbers: true, 
            loadonce: true,
            editurl: 'dummy.php',
            pager: '#tbl_toppager',
            loadComplete: function(data){
                $("#tbl").setColProp('4', { editoptions: { value: data.userdata.4} });
                $("#tbl").setColProp('5', { editoptions: { value: data.userdata.directory_listing} });
            gridComplete: function() { 
                $("#_empty","#tbl").addClass("nodrag nodrop"); 
            caption: "Testgrid",
            ondblClickRow: function(id){
                jQuery('#tbl').editRow(id, true); 

                del: true,
                add: false,
                edit: false,
                refresh: false,
                search: true
            }, // edit options 
            }, // add options 
                reloadAfterSubmit: false,
                jqModal: true,
                closeOnEscape: true
            }, // del options 
                jqModal: true,
                closeOnEscape: true
            } // search options 
                editParams: { keys: true },
                addParams: { addRowParams: { keys: true } }
        ); // Inline Editing

                sepclass : "ui-separator",
                caption: "",
                buttonicon: "ui-icon-document",
                title: "Save data in file",
                position: "last",
                onClickButton: function () {

Thanks in advice. Regards.

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Noone can help? :/ –  Mike Wenzel Nov 11 '13 at 7:18
Noone got any idea? Not even if this is the expected behaviour? –  Mike Wenzel Nov 25 '13 at 7:42

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In the official demo of JQGrid they provide an example which do nearly the same of what you request

onSelectRow: function(id){
                 if(id && id!==lastsel){

where lastsel is a global variable

So you can use jQuery('#rowed3').jqGrid('restoreRow',idOfLineToRestore); in your escape event

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