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Currently in eclipse when you open a library jar, it shows all the packages and classes, but if you want to see the META-INF content (e.g., you have to open the file externally (e.g. using winrar)

Is there a simple way buit-in in eclipse to do so, or a plugin that does this?

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you can use the Project Explorer view (part of Eclipse Java EE) instead of the Package Explorer view, and view everything inside the jar, including properties files, xmls, etc.

alt text

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Jar-Plug will do the trick

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I think that I've already tried it, I can't remember what caused me to remove it. Is this really the only one? –  Eran Medan Dec 31 '09 at 19:06

Under Linux, I simply associate (inside Eclipse) the jar extension with the file-roller application, which lets you browse the innards of packed files. Works fine for me. This doesn't directly display META-INF, of course, but I can go there and click on the file (e.g. This is very convenient.

Under Windows, I suppose you could similarly link out to something like 7Zip. I have no experience to contribute there, alas.

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