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Hi i am developing an iphone applicaiton, in my application i have a scenario like a UItabbar controller having two UIviewcontrollers. in each view controller i have seperate nstimer.

I want to know that how to stop all timers from one of the view controller.

My timer code as follows

     if (_timer == nil)
         _timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:10.0f
- (void)stopTimer
     if (_timer != nil)
         [_timer invalidate];
         _timer = nil;
     [self stopTimer];
     [self initmethod];

if i navigate to any other page from one of the uiviewcontroller i just stoped and invoks by callback method. if i navigate to other page from a one of the uiviewcontroller means i want to stop all timers in all three uiviewcontroller.

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Subclass uitabbarcontroller and add a method 'stopAllTimers'. That method will iterate through its array of viewControllers, sending each a 'stopTimer' message.

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of cause, you could use NSNotification's in all the VC's

but if your repeating timers are mostly needed for updates of the VC's, the better way would be to save "last seen" time for each of them (in viewDidDisappear) and check if that time saved is distant enough in viewWillAppear method

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There is not a direct way to do this.

But, you may consider using a shared bool variable ,say shouldStopTimer, which can be accessed in all viewControllers.

Add a check in your "setProgress" method if shouldStopTimer is NO. Invalidate the timer if you find shouldStopTimer as YES in you "setProgress" method.


You can use NSNotification to invalidate the timers in their respective viewControllers.

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