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I do have an combobox with different values like "FT001" and "FT002 and "FT003". The problem is if i add FT002 before FT001 then the "FT002" is always first.

now i am looking for a method that is going to sort it on alphabeth.

i am using the following code to fill the combobox with:

public DefaultComboBoxModel getPraktijkenLijst(){
   DefaultComboBoxModel listModel = new DefaultComboBoxModel();

    listModel.addElement("Selecteer een praktijk");

    int aantal = praktijkVerzameling.getAantalPraktijken();
    int i = 0;
    while(i < aantal){   
    return listModel;     

the "praktijkVerzameling" is an ArrayList filled with objects.

if you guys need anymore information to help me, please ask :)

PS: I am dutch, so if there is anyone dutch here, i will understand dutch better then english, thanks.

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Sort the list before entering the loop containing addElement()? If you're pulling the project list from a database, sorting it on the select is a good way. –  Tony Ennis Nov 8 '13 at 13:17

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DefaultComboBoxModel.addElement(Object): Adds an item at the end of the model. So The array list you are using, can be sorted before adding to the model using model.addElement(Object) function. You can use a comparator to sort the praktijkVerzameling ArrayList. For example, assumin praktijkVerzameling is an array list of Class Type Praktijk:

       DefaultComboBoxModel model = new DefaultComboBoxModel();
       Collections.sort(praktijkVerzameling, new Comparator<Praktijk>(){

            public int compare(Praktijk o1, Praktijk o2) {
               return o1.getPraktijkNaam().compareTo(o2.getPraktijkNaam()) ;

       for(Praktijk p : praktijkVerzameling)

       return model;
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Remove this line :

DefaultComboBoxModel listModel = new DefaultComboBoxModel();

with :

  DefaultComboBoxModel  listModel = new SortedComboBoxModel();

Add this class :

 class SortedComboBoxModel extends DefaultComboBoxModel
      public SortedComboBoxModel()

      public void addElement(Object element)
           int index = 0;
           int size = getSize();

           //  Determine where to insert element to keep list in sorted order

           for (index = 0; index < size; index++)
                Comparable c = (Comparable)getElementAt( index );

                if (c.compareTo(element) > 0)

           super.insertElementAt(element, index);

      public void insertElementAt(Object element, int index)
           addElement( element );

Hope this is what you want.

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This is strictly an order of (n^2) solution. I hope you understand how worse the performance can be! :) :) –  Sage Nov 8 '13 at 13:44

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