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Is there a asp.net component to allow in browser editing of doc, xls, ppt files alternative of Office web apps?

Note for bounty: as i wrote in a comment i would like to write an app (not necessarily asp.net) in which the end user can edit MS Office (or Open Office) documents in browser. Is there some solution for this? I guess a solution is also linking the app strongly to Google Drive or Office Web Apps but it is something I would like to avoid for now. I leave "asp.net" in the title even if I could develop also on other platforms. I am in an R&D phase where technology is still a variable.

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Try googling it google.com/search?q=asp.net+office+components –  Yuriy Galanter Nov 8 '13 at 15:27
of course i tried to google before asking and if you try to read the search results you got lots of components to manipulate office documents (like modifying programmatically an xls file). What I would like to have is the possibility to add to a web application (not necessarly asp.net) an in browser editor, as done by google drive or office web apps. –  user193655 Nov 11 '13 at 8:33

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I'm not sure if it's exactly what you want, but there is a powerful library which is called Aspose. It allows you to create Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents as well as documents of several other formats. There are versions for .NET and Java, and even cloud API.

I have some experience using this library in a different way, but I can say that it's very good in generating documents at back-end. And it's not connected to MS Office or Google Docs. I'm not sure about web components, but it seems that they have some: e.g for excel

Also, I should mention, that it's not free - don't know if it's a problem in your case.

Probably you should check it out, maybe it can fit your requirements.

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Don't search for "Office", search for "Open Document Format" instead. You may want to try WebODF JavaScript library which you can easily install on your existing web application.

Here is the demonstation and gitgub page.

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You can read from the file if its a doc and place them in rad control update what you want then save and the changes will be applied on file back.

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Go through the link below this should fit in your requirement.


Online Demo: http://demo.componentone.com/spread7v2/controlexplorer/samples/Dashboard/Overview.aspx

Note: this is not available for free.

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