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I have read the documentation given below

I came to know that Tibco Hawk Agent comes with tra.

Is it something like Tibco Hawk Agent earlier was not coming with tra and and after a certain tra 5.x release it started coming with tra ?

Actually I am trying to deploy my projects and I got from the link

that to run Tibco Administrator Server we need Tibco Hawk agent service.

so I want to know that after installing the below Tibco products , will i able to deploy my projects ?

1) Tibco Tra.
2) Tibco BW
3) Tibco EMS.
4) Tibco Administration.

and do i need any other products than the above list to deploy my projects ear.

Please Help me out ?

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This is a reworked variant of your earlier question… Delete one or the other, SO is strongly against multiple posting of the same question. – High Performance Mark Nov 8 '13 at 14:32
okk i have deleted the question, but someone please answer this question – Adon Smith Nov 8 '13 at 14:48
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do i need any other products than the above list to deploy my projects ear This much is sufficient,even Tibco BW is not required to deploy.Tibco BW is used to create application not for deploying.Even Tibco Bw is not required to build EAR also.Please go for buildear utility for this purpose. Before deploying please make sure that Tibco HAWK is running.To know the status of Tibco HAWK go to run->type services.msc Search for tibco HAWK and if it is not running then start it Please see these links for more info and examples on buildear and appmanage;wap2

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The exact same question has already been asked and answered here:

Besides, I am afraid JqueryLearner's answer is not quite correct. AppManage is not used to build EARs, it is used to perform actions like deploy, start and stop applications. In order to build an EAR you need to use the buildear utility that comes with the TRA.

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sorry for the mistake.I know this can be done using buildear but I was in hurry other other answers.I have changed the answer.Fell free to write a comment if you find something in my answers. – SpringLearner Nov 12 '13 at 6:36

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