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we get few of these now and then:

Caused by: javax.ejb.EJBException: org.jclouds.http.HttpResponseException: 
command: PUT {{PUT_URL}} 
HTTP/1.1 failed with response: HTTP/1.1 408 Request Timeout; 
content: [<html><h1>Request Timeout</h1><p>The server has waited too long for the request to be sent by the client.</p></html>]

retrying later usually works. what causes this exception? is there a way to increase the timeout on swift?

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Your question does not have the proper info in detail.

if you are a developer you can use somthing like:

import static org.jclouds.Constants.*;

  Properties overrides = new Properties();
  overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_CONTEXT, 20 + "");
  overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOST, 0 + "");
  overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT, 5000 + "");
  overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_SO_TIMEOUT, 5000 + "");
  overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_IO_WORKER_THREADS, 20 + "");
  // unlimited user threads
  overrides.setProperty(PROPERTY_USER_THREADS, 0 + "");

  Set<Module> wiring =  ImmutableSet.of(new EnterpriseConfigurationModule(), new Log4JLoggingModule());

  // same properties and wiring can be used for many services, although the limits are per context
  blobStoreContext = ContextBuilder.newBuilder("s3")
                      .credentials(account, key)
  computeContext = ContextBuilder.newBuilder("ec2")
                      .credentials(account, key)

Following is the quote from JClouds Api docs:

Timeout: Aggregate commands will take as long as necessary to complete, as controlled by FutureIterables.awaitCompletion. If you need to increase or decrease this, you will need to adjust the property jclouds.request-timeout or Constants.PROPERTY_REQUEST_TIMEOUT. This is described in the Advanced Configuration section.

If you are dealing with your own cluster then you can go with some possible configuration options present in swift proxy-server-configuration.

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jclouds 1.7.2 includes a fix for this issue:


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