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I have a list of approx 50 tv channels that a sales rep can select from a list of about 150. The channels selected then must appear on another page in alphabetical order. They must be in a list that can be manually corrected if a channel is added. I have used check boxes and radio buttons to make things visible or invisible but is there a way to just generate a word associated with the check box and make it appear on another page and in alphabetical order?

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For my solution to this problem, I created a subform with 10 checkboxes, then I created a subform with 10 text fields (your channel list and other list with channel descriptions, respectively). Then I made a button with the following code on the click event.

for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++){
    if (xfa.resolveNode("p1.sfChannelList.CheckBox1["+i+"]").rawValue == "1")
    xfa.resolveNode("p2.sfResult.Text1["+i+"]").presence = "visible";
    else xfa.resolveNode("form1.p1.sfResult.Text1["+i+"]").presence = "hidden";

I made the checkboxes by copy/pasting one so that they'd all have the same name; similarly, I created the text fields in the second subform.

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