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Is there while rcParams['legend.frameon'] = 'False' a simple way to fill the legend area background with a given colour. More specifically I would like the grid not to be seen on the legend area because it disturbs the text reading. The keyword "framealpha" sounds like what I need but it doesn't change anything.

import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
mpl.rcParams['legend.frameon'] = 'False'
plt.plot(range(5), label = u"line")
plt.legend(loc = best)

I can do :

legend = plt.legend(frameon = 1)
frame = legend.get_frame()

but then I need to ask how can I change the background colour while keeping the frame on? sometimes I want it ON with a background colour other than white. And also, is there a way of changing the colour of the frame? With the above code I was expecting to change the colour of the frame only, not the background.

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You can set the edge color and the face color separately like this:


There's more information under FancyBboxPatch here.

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In addition to Molly's method you can turn the frame off using the linewidth:


I used that method in a small convenience function I wrote to hide the legend frames for the same reason you cite. The function is called adjust_legends in the print_targeted_plots module available from github.

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