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Would it be possible to send AT commands to the Galaxy Nexus using Hyperterminal or an other program? If so, is there also a way to directly execute the commands on the phone?

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No one tried to do this with a Nexus? –  user2943268 Nov 9 '13 at 12:24

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I haven't send AT commands to the Galaxy Nexus, but it is possible with other mobile phones. They act like Plug and Pr/lay devices when you connect them to a Windows computer.

Plug the phone in, then check Windows Device Manager to see if there's a modem port for the phone.

If you can see the phone as a modem, then that's the port to which you can send AT commands via Hyperterminal.

I'm not aware of any phones that let you enter AT commands into the phone via its keypad (that's what you mean, isn't it?). The interface just isn't there.

If the phone shows up on the computer as a Windows Mobile Broadband device, you could also use Mobile Broadband API - documentation here. You would have to write some code for that. It depends on the driver support whether this is possible or not.

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