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After running sklearn.decomposition.PCA.fit() on some data I want to get out the component vectors. There is a member variable PCA.components_ but AFAIK the underscore at the end means that it is not part of the public API. Is there a public way of getting the components?

I tried using PCA.inverse_transform(np.eye(n_components)) but it just gave me n_components copies of the first component.

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You can safely use PCA.components_. As you can read in contributing guide

Estimated Attributes

Attributes that have been estimated from the data must always have a name ending with trailing underscore, for example the coefficients of some regression estimator would be stored in a coef_ attribute after fit() has been called.

Generally speaking only single leading underscore is used in Python to mark objects intended for internal use. You can read more in PEP8 - Naming Conventions

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