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I am trying to create a sample application hosted at "mina:tcp://localhost:9991" that sends a very simple message to a server hosted at "mina:tcp://localhost:9990".

Now admittedly I have some problems understanding how to do this. My first approach was to create a class called Message, that has two fields: String order and String host. However, I am terribly confused on how to do this.

First I tried to follow the loadbalancer-example basing myself on the ReportGenerator and create a MessageGenerator class that could create a message and return it:

However, there is a problem, I need parameters to create my Message, something that doesn't happen when creating the Report from the example:

//Message constructor
public Message(String order, String host){
    //constructor stuff

By reading Camel in Action I know how to use beans to call methods that have no parameters, however I still do not understand how I should use them to call a method that has several parameters (Am I forced to use processors?)

Then i realized that perhaps I am complicating things a little bit and there is an easier way to send messages. So I tried another approach that resulted in a small sample of code that does not work as well. I have created a separate question for that matter:

Obviously I am doing something wrong and I don't get what. So, I have 2 questions:

  1. Manning's Camel in Action defines an Easy way and a Hard way to use beans, but I did not understand the easy way of using beans with parameters. Can someone provide an example of it?
  2. Is there a way to send a message composed of several fields in Camel (an easy way, without processors) that does not involve using beans? If so, how?
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There are several ways to sends Messages in Camel. According to the help provided in the Camel forums, the two best are:

  1. Using beans linked to POJOS and routes (example:
  2. Using the Producer Template (docs:

Hope it helps someone one day.

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