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in my CouchDB setup i have the following configuration

  • CORS in configuration is enabled (it worked before i locked down the database)
  • a basic admin with name admin and password admin exists

localsite is http://localhost/mysite and couchdb is located in http://localhost:5984/

i have avoided to use any server-side scripting and just serve the static files, the rest is handled in client-side, so if it's possible, do not write your entire answer based on server-side PHP or node.js.

Tried to login with $.couch.login it returns


the i try to request $.couch.session and instead of a populated json it justs returns


when i tried with a REST tool , the result was


when worked with the REST tool, it allowed me to continue , with adding documents, deleting , and so on.

What exactly am i missing here?

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is your admin user a server admin or database admin? as far as i remember you need database admin to get what you expect. –  Antonio Nov 9 '13 at 22:55
admin user is server & database admin & a member of that database. does it make a difference if admin has that many roles? –  Phoenix Nov 10 '13 at 7:08

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Well the following code allowed for cookie in headers.

$.ajaxSetup({ crossDomain:true ,xhrFields:{ withCredentials:true}});

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