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How can I execute a linux batch script that reads a date from a file, passes it as a parameter into mysql script and then write current date into file?

Something like:

  1. read datefile (one line with date as yyyy-mm-dd)
  2. mysql -u user -ppass < update.sql
  3. update.sql: update table set x=y where date between $datefrom1 and curdate()
  4. write curdate() to datefile
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Here is a proof of concept to learn from. You can figure the solution from here.

$ cat data
$ aa=`cat data`
$ echo $aa
$ echo The quick $aa jumped
The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog
$ echo The quick $aa jumped over the lazy dog > bb
$ more bb
The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog
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So in my mysql script, I place $datefrom1 throughout the script. Then I set $datefrom1 = 'cat datefile' then I can perform mysql -u user -ppass > update.sql then I echo $(date) > datefile Will that work? –  user1615573 Nov 8 '13 at 23:06
The '$' in the start of the line is the prompt. Do not type it. Also use mysql ... < update.sql (watch the direction). –  crafter Nov 8 '13 at 23:18

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