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For some reason I can not determine why empty array keys aren't being unset. Here is what I have...


$attachments = explode('|',$_POST['post_attachments']);
foreach($attachments as $k=>$v)
echo 'k = \''.$v."'\n";
 if ($v=='')


k = ''

k = 'secret_afound.gif'

k = 'secret_aunlocked.gif'

Array (

[0] => 
[1] => secret_afound.gif
[2] => secret_aunlocked.gif


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You should do:

foreach ($attachments as $k=>$v) {
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Yeah I'm in such a rush, worked! Thanks! Will accept when the limit expires. – John Nov 8 '13 at 22:08

You are only unsetting $k, not the element in attachments. Try unset($attachments[$k]);

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I believe you should use unset($attachments[$k]);.

In this scenario I like to think of $k as a temporary variable. Even though you unset it you didn't alter $attachments in anyway.

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