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I have SQL as following, I would like to convert first three column rows to Column and convert columns c1 to c5 to rows.

SELECT a.date_key,
       TO_CHAR(b.p1,'FM99999990.09') c1,
       TO_CHAR(b.p2,'FM99999990.09') c2,
       TO_CHAR(b.p3,'FM99999990.09') c3,
       TO_CHAR(b.p4,'FM99999990.09') c4,
       TO_CHAR(b.p5,'FM99999990.09') c5
  FROM d_date a
       INNER JOIN f_tb1 b
          ON a.date_key = b.date_key
       LEFT OUTER JOIN d_mgr c
          ON c.start_date_key = a.date_key
where a.date_key >= 20131019 and a.date_key <= 20140104

desired output will be

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Take a look at the PIVOT and UNPIVOT functions. Here's a pretty good article - oracle-developer.net/display.php?id=506 –  OldProgrammer Nov 8 '13 at 23:21
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