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I have a Qt Windows app (developed in QtCreator) that I'd like to create a windows install CD. Does QtCreator have a feature that makes this possible? Or do I have to use NSIS ? Please help. - Nkumar

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You can also check out the Qt Installer framework, this lets you make cross-platform installers.

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Qt Creator doesn't do installers. NSIS or WiX are probably your best bets here.

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For windows you can use one of these:

  1. http://izpack.org/
  2. http://nsis.sourceforge.net

Prepare your installer and then burn in to CD. You can also add an autorun.inf file to make the installer start automagically :) Although i heard that microsoft is planing to disable the autorun feature due to security reasons.

If you're developing cross-platform versions then each linux distribution has it's own installation systems.

For example:

Debian,Ubuntu ... - *.deb
Redhat,openSuse, .. - *.rpm

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