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In a school assignment we have to draw a trapezoid with asterisk in java. The constructor is like

Trapezoid(int tWidth, int bWidth, char signA, char signB, int margin)

tWidth: is the top width, bWidth: bottom width, signA: foreground sign, signB: background sign and margin: the margin (left and right) of the bWidth.

my main() class looks like this:

Trapezoid t = new Trapezoid(3, 9, '*', '-', 2);

then it should look like this:


the printTrapezoid() method looks like this:

int width = 2* margin + bWidth;
int length = (width - tWidth) / 2;

while (tWidth <= bWidth) {
    printChar(signB, length);
    printChar(signA, tWidth);
    printChar(signB, length);

The printChar() method looks like:

printChar(char signB, int length) {
    for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {

So. This works fine for me. But i think there are some other and better solutions for that. The next exercise is to rotate this trapezoid just with t.rotate() in the main() class. So that it looks like:


I have no idea how to do it. Can anybody give me a hint? Please, I don't want the solution here. Just a hint how i can solve it. Maybe it is better to refactor the draw method? I don't know...

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If you are just flipping it, consider changing the top and bottom rows (width on top with width on bottom) –  Justin Nov 8 '13 at 23:22
I'm confused about how this works, since printTrapezoid sets length only once, so it should be printing the same number of - on each line, the way you've written it. Did you make a mistake in your post? –  ajb Nov 8 '13 at 23:26
@Quincunx i tried to change the rows but it didn't work because i changed the tWidth. –  Hugo B. Nov 8 '13 at 23:30
@ajb yes, the length should be in the loop. sorry. –  Hugo B. Nov 8 '13 at 23:30
@HugoB. What happens when you switch tWidth and bWidth? –  Justin Nov 8 '13 at 23:32

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You haven't shown us the whole Trapezoid class, but I'm guessing that it has a field tWidth that you set in your constructor.

If that's the case, your printTrapezoid method shouldn't be changing it. That field, the "top width", is a property of the trapezoid that shouldn't change when you print it out. So in printTrapezoid, you should declare a local variable that's something like

int currentWidth = tWidth;

and then the method should modify this local variable, not the tWidth field.

Once you've done that, it should be very simple to see how to print the upside-down trapezoid, by making currentWidth become the same values in the reverse order.

EDIT: If rotate is supposed to change the properties of the trapezoid, rather than printing an upside-down trapezoid, then that should be easy too since you've fixed printTrapezoid not to change tWidth and bWidth, so now you can do what you need to do to change them (by swapping the values).

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