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I want my hyperlinks destination to be filled by a value from my database. However, when I click the link in my app it doesn't clear the "http://localhost/videoStorageApp/" before inserting the URl value from the database.

QUESTION: How do I clear the web browser url so only the URL value form the database is used?

WHAT I AM GETTING: http://localhost/videoStorageApp/'www.sonsofanarchy.tv'
WHAT I WANT: www.sonsofanarchy.tv


This is the line that displays the hyperlink in question, if more code is needed please ask and ill add anything else that's needed:

echo '<td> <a href="\'' . $row['url'] . '\'" target="_blank" style="color: #137e80" (\''.$row['url'].'\');return false;">' . $row['url'] . '</a></td>';
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Is the database storing just the "www.sonsofanrchy.tv"? If so, try adding switching it to <a href="htt:///\'' . $row... –  Matthew Johnson Nov 9 '13 at 0:27
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echo '<td> <a href="http://'.$row['url'].'" target="_blank" style="color: #137e80">' . $row['url'] . '</a></td>';
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This was helpful and it nearly works, it seems to leave out the : after http. –  Corey Nov 9 '13 at 0:33
Nearly? If $row['url'] returns URL like this: www.example.com not http://www.example.com then it have to work. –  speccode Nov 9 '13 at 0:38
ah i see. The link i was testing with had http:// in the database entry. I removed it and your code worked as you said it would! I will have to change my application so it removes the "http://" when someone submits a link. Thanks for your help! –  Corey Nov 9 '13 at 0:53
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You are probably missing "http://" in your href attribute.

<a href="google.com">

... will take you to http://currentsite.com/maybe-a-subfolder/google.com

<a href="http://google.com">

... will take you to http://google.com

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