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i just read meteor's accounts config options, "restrictCreationByEmailDomain" option is awesome

Accounts.config({ restrictCreationByEmailDomain: 'school.edu' })

i want to know can i use a list of domains separated by comma or array in place of 'school.edu' is there any simple tutorial for meteor accounts system ? pls help

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restrictCreationByEmailDomain String Or Function

If set, only allow new users with an email in the specified domain or if the predicate function returns true. Works with password-based sign-in and external services that expose email addresses (Google, Facebook, GitHub).

  restrictCreationByEmailDomain: function(email) {
    var domain = email.slice(email.lastIndexOf("@")+1); // or regex
    var allowed = ["school.edu", "school.edu.br"];
    return _.contains(allowed, domain);
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I don't know why you commented out the domain thing, that's kinda the way it was designed when we added this option –  imslavko Nov 9 '13 at 5:01
fixed it. thanks –  Suburbio Nov 9 '13 at 5:17

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