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For some reason, I can't set a breakpoint in @functions when using Visual Studio 2013. Here's an example:


However, the same kind of breakpoint works in Visual Studio 2012:


  • If you move the @functions block up to the top of the razor page in VS2013 you can set a breakpoint in @functions once again.

  • You cannot set a breakpoint in @functions if the block is somewhere in the HTML.

Anyone know why? Maybe a bug? This is a big inconvenience if you're migrating an web app from MVC4 or earlier where @function blocks appear in the HTML.

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This seems like a known issue. See reported bug in MS Connect.


"After my upgrade to VS 2013, I am no longer able to debug javascript within MVC razor files. "


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I have the same issue. But not just in @functions...all javascript. Very annoying, back to Chrome debuggin... –  ptutt Feb 15 at 5:13

What helped me overcome this issue was enabling the "ASP.NET" option in the project-properties. See the screenshot: Screenshot from Project Properties

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this did not work for me –  ptutt Feb 15 at 5:11
me neither even after restarting vs2013 –  rob Mar 7 at 16:14

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