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I'm using CodeIgniter with csrf protection enabled and Bootstrap 3 and twitter typeahead 0.9.3 I need to post my query with csrf key. I lost a day searching this. Tried beforeSend option but it doesn't work here is my code:

                settings.type = 'POST';
                settings.data = { csrf_test_name: $.cookie('csrf_cookie_name')}
                return true;


This code is not posting and did not change type from GET to POST SORRY for my english

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I've run into the same problem RE: CSRF Protection in codeigniter and running any kind of ajax based function.

I added this function to my main site.js file that is loaded on all of my pages, and therefore gets included in all of my ajax calls:

$.ajaxSetup( data: { csrf_test_name: $.cookie('csrf_cookie_name') } );  
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You answered very latly I had to solve it with GET request. anyway its usefull info to me Thank You! –  merdan Dec 2 '13 at 13:23

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