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The fiddle and the code speaks for themselves. I have a hover menu, and when the div opens and I try to move my mouse to it, it closes.

    <script src="http://cherne.net/brian/resources/jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js"></script>
        }); // close document.ready
        function makeVisible() {
        function makeInvisible() {
    <a role="button" class="dropdown-toggle-products">Hover me <b class="caret header"></b></a>
    <ul class="dropdown-menu all-products-dropdown">
        <li><a href="#">Now try to hover me</a></li>

Fiddle Here


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what actually you want? when mouse out from child then it should not hide right? or any thing else? –  jagruti Nov 9 '13 at 8:15

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Because the moment your cursor leaves the anchor, you're not hovering it anymore.

You should design the menu so that the "submenu" is inside of the parent. Don't put a ul inside an anchor though, make a div for better structure.


You can watch for div:hover and then display the sub ul. As long as your over any child of the div, the div won't close.

See this revised fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/dLKYh/3/

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You told it to do exactly that:

function makeInvisible() {

If you mouseout your $(".dropdown-toggle-products"), the ul will fade out.

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Please try this:

For the link [http://jsfiddle.net/dLKYh/1/][1]:


For the link [http://jsfiddle.net/dLKYh/3/][2] :    

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