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I would like to create an AVD from a device definition I created to test my app in tough conditions.

I created a device definition by going to Android Virtual Device Manager -> Device Definitions -> New Device.

However, In the same Android Virtual Device Manager window, when I click on Create AVD... button, my created device definition won't appear there. Also, when I exit the Android Virtual Device Manager window, and open it again, my created definition seems to be gone completely.

Is there an option to create an AVD from a user-created device definition?

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For that you have to create a new defenition.

avd manager->device def tab -> new device

Enter the device spec and click create device.

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that's what I did, but then when I click on Create AVD... in the Device Definitions tab or New in the Android Virtual Devices tab, it won't appear there. It seems like it doesn't save it even though it shows in the Device list in the Device Definitions tab. When I close the Android Virtual Device Manager window and reopen it, the definition I created disappears from this list as well. –  Raz Cohen Nov 9 '13 at 9:05
I think you can save time by installing it again. :) –  amalBit Nov 9 '13 at 9:15

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