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I've got some heavily modified code that ultimately came from the Windows Media SDK that works great for reading tags out of MP3 and WMV files. Somewhere along the line, Windows Media Player added support for .m4a files (was it in Windows 7?) but the Windows Media API doesn't seem to reflect that addition (or at least IWMMetadataEditor2::OpenEx pukes on an .m4a file).

What would be some good C# code or links on how to dig meta data tags out of m4a files? (Google has come up dry on the C# front.)

UPDATE AtomicParsley did indeed end up being the best approach. Since that code is a command line tool however I ended up having to create a managed wrapper around some of its functionality in order to use in-process. It is posted on google code if anyone else needs such a thing.

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Here is some opensource software that does what you are looking for, although it is in C++ (maybe it contains some useful information)

Here is a project using winforms to achieve what you are wanting.

I tried the same thing as above to see if there was something he was missing in getting it to work in a console application, but I was unable to get it working without using the ActiveX control used on the Winforms project.

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+1 Nice! I will take a look. – dkackman Jan 5 '10 at 19:58
The atomic parsely code looks like it's got what I need (though it'll need some work to make .net callable). Thanks again. – dkackman Jan 6 '10 at 21:27

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