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I have found this code to initialize a custom enum field while we are performing the syncdb operation.This should create typname attendance when I am doing syncdb.

  def initialize_custom_types():
      types = { # add your custom types here
          'attendance': ('Notconfirmed','Coming', 'Notcoming', 'Maycome',),
      cursor = connection.cursor()
      for custom_type, values in types.items():
      cursor.execute("SELECT EXISTS(SELECT typname FROM pg_type WHERE typname=%s);",[custom_type])                             
      result = cursor.fetchone()
      if (not result[0]):
        sql = "CREATE TYPE " + custom_type + " AS ENUM %s;"
        cursor.execute(sql, [values])

but this is not actually creating the attendance enum field.what is the error? the error is: DatabaseError: type "attendance" does not exist

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