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I have a 10.7 app built on 10.9. I'm debugging on 10.9.

My main view has a splitView with two panes: a webview in one, and an NSScrollView in the other.

When the app starts I programmatically move the divider to the right to hide the right-hand pane and the enclosed NSScrollView.

When this happens I get this warning in the console:

Layout still needs update after calling -[NSScrollView layout]. NSScrollView or one of its superclasses may have overridden -layout without calling super. Or, something may have dirtied layout in the middle of updating it. Both are programming errors in Cocoa Autolayout. The former is pretty likely to arise if some pre-Cocoa Autolayout class had a method called layout, but it should be fixed.

This only happens when the view is first loaded when the app starts. Switching away to a new view, and back, is fine.

I think the problem is that the scroll view is still being drawn when I move the splitView divider, causing the scrollview to be dirtied.

If I comment out the line that moves the divider I do not see the message.

FYI, I did not get the error when building / debugging on 10.8.

From Googling around the consensus seems to be that this is a bug in 10.9 and can be ignored, but I don't like to leave my code with warnings.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? I need to move the code that moves the divider to a point AFTER the view has been fully drawn.



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