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I am new to the camel. I am using bindy to transform my csv file to object. Now i want to do some post processing once all the route completed. so i used camel

.onCompletion() tag for the same.

But in case of that if i have multiple lines in my csv file then i want to call onCompletion() after both lines of record processed. So for that changes i made are like :

.process(new Processor() {

                public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
                    LOG.info("Inside Split Complete processor");


and then i attached processor for post processing stuff. But in my case the above code executes more than one time and the Logger "Inside Split Complete processor" prints more than one time. So can you please advice me what to do so that my code executes on single time so that i can do some post processing stuff only once. Also i had tried options with


in which it also got called more than one time and


in which it didn't get called.

Just for information, in my route builder i have many .from() and .to() endpoints and only single global onCompletion().

So can you please advice me what went wrong in my code / how to tackle this issue ?


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