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I found this interesting problem online:-

David, while working on encryption, has discovered that any cipher (which is a positive integer) which has any substring not divisible by 2 is bad and can be cracked. He has also discovered that any cipher which has a substring divisible by 11 is also bad and can be cracked easily. He believes all other ciphers are good. Help David find the kth cipher, in ascending order, which is good. In a good cipher, every substring is divisible by 2 and none are divisible by 11.

Input format

The first line of input has a single integer T, the total number of test cases. The next T lines each have an integer k on them.

Output Format

The output should contain T integers on T different lines, the kth good cipher.

Sample Input




Sample Output



I have no idea on how to start coding this. Can anyone explain to me the problem, and show me a working code?

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