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I am in the process of translating an application into various languages, and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with any translation services, and I'm not talking about Google Translate. :) Are there any that specialize more in the tech area, as opposed to just general translation?

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Proz is probably the best place to start shopping for translators. It's kind of StackOverflow for translators. Kinda.

If you need a translator English <--> German, I strongly recommend John Jory. The guy does an outstanding work at a very good price.

Are you also looking for a tool to manage your translations? Depending on the technology used in your app, appTranslator may be the one you're looking for. Disclaimer: I'm the author of appTranslator ;-)


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This looks like a great place to start. Thanks for the recommendation for John as well. –  Jon Tackabury Oct 14 '08 at 13:26
+1 for the Proz –  Pangea Nov 1 '10 at 19:06
+1 Just because this i the right way to promote your services while adding value for the community. Well done. –  belisarius Mar 4 '11 at 17:35

I think http://www.icanlocalize.com is a great option. They handle more than 30 languages, support review, quality is great and price is very good.

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There are many companies that specialize in localizing software. The biggest ones are Lionbridge and SDL International, but there are many small ones as well.

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I'm heavily involved in our translation process and tools, but even for me, the people who translate the text are just the "translators". I don't know any specific company and it changes for each product, sometimes even depending on the language or new releases.

Your best bet would be to scout the translation services offered to you and question them wether they specialize in technical translations.

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Disclaimer: it is my company's product, but you might want to have a look at Amanuens. It's build by developers for developers, just for software localization.

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I use iStone Translation&Talking Travel Phrasebook. I like the adding function. Often ask friends met on trip to record for me. Then I keep their voices as well as extend the database.

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I used to work for a company called OmniLingua, and they provided all sorts of technical services. They basically managed the relationships with the translators in the particular country, and and depending on the industry would use different translation companies. Give them a try, they have a personal touch and are focused heavily on quality.

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I had great success with MyGengo. Since translation is an ongoing process during application development, I'm able to submit English text of what's changed in my app, and get French/German/Spanish translation in a couple of hours.

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Just in case anyone finds this later in a search: The key term is localisation - searching for a translation agency that specialises in localisation will put you on the right track. ProZ is a good portal to find an individual translator for a particular project with a particular langauge direction. But my personal opinion is that the quality of translators to be found there has declined in recent years - I no longer search for work there because of the price-dumping pressure.

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