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I start by telling you that I have a line that starts from the center of the screen and has a certain length that follows the direction to the mouse. What I want to do is when I press Right Click I want to move my line on the axis of the mouse coordinates and the screen center. I tried to do that with the slope .

if (MouseState.buttons & 1) 

slope = (MouseCoordinateY - Screenheight/2) / (MouseCoordinateX - Screenwidth /2 );
 x = (y-Screenheight/2)/m + Screenwidth/2 ;

But I don't get a good result , my line doesn't have the same length and it's still sticked to the screen centre .

How can I move the line with the same length ? I want to implement this in my pool game so when I click the Left Button I want to drag the cue to set the power.

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