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I want to develop a java desktop application that takes some inputs from the user and store it in a database. After that, when user clicks on a button (say display) it displays the information, entered by him earlier, in a flowchart like format.

Can I display that information in the form of flowcharts?

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Don't repost (now merged). Instead, consider clarifying this question (edit). –  Marc Gravell Jan 2 '10 at 8:04

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You can try out JGraph

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can I develop data flow diagrams dynamically based on the input entered by a user. How can integrate it with swings. –  user241426 Jan 1 '10 at 9:47
we have a couple of commercial products that use swing and JGraph. It works pretty well. –  Tim Williscroft Jan 4 '10 at 0:10

You might want to take a look at yEd. It stores drawings in XML format that can be very easily emulated based on your data. We've used this approach in the past and it worked like a treat.

If you need the same functionality on the back-end, just take a look at their yFiles library.

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You also could look at yWorks ( http://www.yworks.com/en/index.html ), another graphing library for java and .net (but a $$$ commercial product).

I like prefuse ( http://prefuse.org/ ) for graphs, even they stopped active development for the java lib a while ago, but you might need to do more coding with it to get a flowchart implementation.

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You can use a drawing library for that. For example JFDraw.

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