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Running on Magento C.E v1.7

I've changed the style of the Order Confirmation Email, and all was looking good until recently the Subtotal, Shipping & Handling, Grand Total Column became another style. This occurs randomly as some of the OC emails were ok.

These are the paths I've make sure everything is alright:

1) email > order > item > order > default.phtml
2) Grand Total: tax > checkout > grandtotal.phtml#
3) Total: sales > order > totals.phtml#

What am I missing out?

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Do you have different customer groups? These pages that you check are irrelevant with your email i think. Please take a look on that: Changing email template…

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I don't have different customer groups. The issue here now is the style (only at Subtotal, Shipping & Handling, not the entire email) is randomly not working. –  Ree Nov 10 '13 at 23:40

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