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Is there a plugin (or built-in feature) for Eclipse that will allow you to build and upload a compiled program (C++ .so or Java .jar) via SSH in one click or command without running? I know you can use Apache Ant for this, but I am looking for an Eclipse built-in solution, so I can still use Eclipse's auto build features.


I am building an application for an embedded ARM computer connected via SSH. My test cycle is currently to build (cross-compilation), upload, and run in three separate steps. I would like to consolidate this into two steps, build and upload, then run.

My binaries are a .so library (which cannot be run, therefore C++ Remote Application does not work) and a .jar, which Eclipse will not handle the upload by default.

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You could write a shell script with build and upload command lines, then create a build target that invokes the script. You would still need to manually invoke the build (doubleclick the build target, Build All or something); I am not sure if that fits your goal of "auto build".

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