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I've got a batch file that I use to rename all files in a particular folder. After renaming, there are characters that I don't recognize. It's supposed to rename

whatever file name.jpg to "new file name - something.jpg"

But in place of the long dash, there is a some strange character that looks like a 'U' with a caret over it. Similar problem with the apostrophy. In place of the apostrophy, it looks like there's a character 'AE' mashed up together. See screenshot for reference.

Here's a sample of my batch file.

cd /
ren "T:\Photos\19292955_somefilename1.jpg" "Casting – November Crew.jpg.jpg"
ren "T:\Photos\19293030_somefilename2.jpg"  "Casting – October Crew.jpg.jpg"
ren "T:\Photos\19290568_somefilename3.jpg" "Nov – O'Reilley.jpg""
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Can you try to save your batch file in ANSI (in notepad you can choose that on the file save as dialog) – rene Nov 9 '13 at 20:47

Would adding this to the title help? chcp 65001


  1. Using non-ASCII characters in cmd batch file
  2. What encoding/code page is cmd.exe using
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Use an editor such as EDITPLUS or NOTEPAD++, not a word-processor or even standard Notepad to edit batch files. Word-processors and WP-wannabes try to format the code by using control-codes.

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