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I have such entries in a txt file with such structure:

Some sentence.
Some other "other" sentence.
Some other smth "other" sentence.

In original:

Камиш-Бурунський залізорудний комбінат
Відкрите акціонерне товариство "Кар'єр мармуровий"
Закрите акціонерне товариство "Кар'єр мармуровий"

I want to extract everything before " and write to another file. I want the result to be:

Some other
Some other smth
Відкрите акціонерне товариство
Закрите акціонерне товариство

I have done this:'organization.txt','r+','utf-8')
for line in text:
    before_keyword, after_keyword = line.split(u'"',1)
    print encoded

But it doesn't work since there is a file lines that doesn't have ". How can I improve my code to make it work?

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What do you expect the output to be? I find your explanation slightly ambiguous in this regard. – NPE Nov 9 '13 at 20:53
I have edited my post to make it clearer. I hope it is now quite good. – Khrystyna Pyurkovska Nov 9 '13 at 21:43

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There are two problems. First you must use the splitlines() function to break a string into lines. (What you have will iterate one character at a time.) Secondly, the following code will fail when split returns a single item:

before_keyword, after_keyword = line.split(u'"',1)

The following works for me:

for line in text.splitlines():
    if u'"' in line:
        before_keyword, after_keyword = line.split(u'"',1)
        ... etc. ...
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It's a very great method but it doesn't work for me coz 'line.split(u'"',1)[0]' returns also all lines where there are no " (( – Khrystyna Pyurkovska Nov 9 '13 at 22:02
Ah, I see. Answer updated. – Martin Stone Nov 9 '13 at 22:20
Could you help me again. I'm running this, but it returns blank lines. What is the reason? 'for line in text:' 'if u'"' in line:' 'before_keyword, after_keyword = line.split(u'"',1)' 'encoded=before_keyword.encode('cp1251')' 'print encoded' – Khrystyna Pyurkovska Nov 10 '13 at 10:50
I didn't notice before, but you need for line in text.splitlines():. Previously it was going through your text one character at a time. Answer updated. – Martin Stone Nov 10 '13 at 15:13

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