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I'm currently attempting to trigger a Bootstrap popover only on the hovered element. Unfortunately it's triggering on all that are on the page. Below is the Backbone script (in CoffeeScript):

Site.Views.Stories ||= {}

class Site.Views.Stories.IndexView extends Backbone.View
  template: JST["backbone/templates/stories/index"]

  initialize: () ->
    @options.stories.bind('reset', @addAll)

  addAll: () =>

  addOne: (story) =>
    view = new Site.Views.Stories.StoryView({model : story})

  render: =>
    $(@el).html(@template(stories: @options.stories.toJSON() ));
    return this

  events: =>
    "mouseover .rating" : this.showhover

  showhover: => 
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I'm guessing that you have multiple .rating elements inside your view's el so this:


hits them all. If you just want the .rating that is receiving the event then say so by grabbing the specific .rating from the event handler's event argument:

showhover: (ev) =>

A couple other things while I'm here:

  1. Backbone no longer automatically sets @options, if you want @options then you have to do it by hand in initialize:

    initialize: (@options) -> ...
  2. You don't need to use a function for your events, this would be fine:

      "mouseover .rating" : 'showhover'
  3. You don't need to => all your methods. I don't think you need to do it for any of them (assuming you use an events object instead of a function) except @addAll but you can get around that one by using @listenTo or supplying the third argument to bind.

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