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I have 2 Combobox (with ready items to choose from) and a textbox( that the user writes on).

I want the user to choose one item from each combobox and write something on textbox and then with a button to make all these 3 items to appear with their names in a listview.

The problem is that when I run it and press the button the items from the 2 combobox appear as a number depending on their position in the combobox (so if I choose the first item it will print 0, if i choose the second it will print 1, and so on... but what I actually want is the name of the item, not it's place in the list).

The code for the button click is:

    private void BTN_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e){
    list.Add(new class(combobox1.SelectedIndex.ToString(),
            combobox2.SelectedIndex.ToString(), Double.Parse(textbox.Text)));
        ListView.Items.Add(combobox1.SelectedIndex + " " +
            combobox2.SelectedIndex + " " + Double.Parse(textbox.Text));
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Try using the debugger to find the run time type of the object at combobox1.SelectedItem.

Assuming the type of the item is ComboBoxItem, you can do:

String selectedValueAsText = ((ComboBoxItem)combobox1.SelectedItem).Content.ToString();
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