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I want to edit source coe of minix3 and then i want to see the changes in effect.Means i want to see the result of changes which i make.If i use minix3 vmwar images how can i edit its source. Does minix3 itslef allows u to edit its source? Will the source code come along with it by default? What tool wil be required to modify it?Are this tools presnt in minix 3?

Plz help me, as i really want to get into OS devlopment , as i am very quirious about it.

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Even a cursory glance at the Minix website will show you that the source code is available there. There is also a lot of documentation there on operating system design and implementation.

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It's been a while since I looked at the Minix source code, but I have an old copy of Tanenbaum and Wooodhull's book OPERATING SYSTEMS Design and Implementation, 2nd Edition, Prentice-Hall, 1997.

Professor Andrew Tanenbaum is the creator of Minix.

The last 330 pages of the book list the Minix source code as it was in 1997. The latest version would probably be longer. The source code in the book comprises over 110 files. Downloading the source code from the link in Tarydon's answer gives you an archive with 2629 files!

Editing the source code means changing those files which affect the parts of Minix which you want to change. These changes must be made carefully and preferably with a full knowledge of the ways those files interact with each other.

I would recommend you obtain and read the latest edition of the book. Study the source code and what it does, before you make any changes.

Compiling the source code may be a challenge. Installing the compiled code would be bigger. I don't believe the book describes how to do this: it is after all intended for students who would use it as part of a course on Operating System theory.

The downloadable source code does include a makefile.

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