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I'm working on a GUI that displays a list of elements.

All the elements are in a one dimensional iterable array, so displaying them would normally look something like this:

    foreach (Element e: elements) {

I now need a way to organize the elements in a tree structure like in this example: enter image description here

In my system, there is no distinction between "folder" elements and "file" elements, but I can access an element's 'depth' and 'isExpanded' values.

How can I determine whether an element should be displayed based on data taken from iterating through previous elements?

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I think I've figured it out, but there may be some cases that mess it up:

bool prevIsCollapsed = false;
int collapsedPropertyDepth = 0;

// iterate through each property of this component
for (Property p : properties)
    int depth = property.depth;
    if (prevIsCollapsed && depth > collapsedPropertyDepth)
        // dont display this property

    if (!property.isExpanded)
        prevIsCollapsed = true;
        collapsedPropertyDepth = depth;
        prevIsCollapsed = false;
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