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For example if you have a UIKit-based app is it possible to include a "Unity view" in a small portion of the screen for a special effect or does use of Unity exclude UIKit from an app?

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here is a plugin may match your need – Maadiah Nov 18 '13 at 4:36

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Using UIKit under Unity-iOS project is not recommended. Because it incurs an overhead in transferring control or message from unity to UIKIt and back forth. If you still need UIKit, you can create your own native iOS plugins to interact between Unity and UIKit.

In Unity native plugins are only used if there is no such feature in Unity itself. Examples include In-App, GameCenter, iAds, and some other core parts in Objective-C libraries of iOS which are not written for Unity but you want to use them.

To send message from UIKit to Unity you can use UnitySendMessage API fro simple text/ string message to notify about an event.

You can read more about in Unity's documentation.

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