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I'm trying to 'marry' jQuery-UI functionality with the new HTML5 pointer events, but no luck so far. For example, how to make the draggable sample work with those events? Even high-level steps / direction answer would be appreciated.

I've tried the jQuery UI Touch Punch — but it doesn't seem to support touch events on my laptop at all in any browser (Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch, Windows 8.1, IE 11, Chrome 30). I think it's targeting mobile platforms like iPad / iPhone, alas I need I need something that would work on a laptop as well.

Then I've tried Heyman's Draggable Touch — it (mostly) works in Chrome, but not so much in IE; it is limited to support dragging, hence doesn't apply to, say, resizable elements; finally it doesn't use the pointer events from the HTML5 spec (instead it uses "touchstart" and other "tocuh*" events, so wouldn't react to a pen, and also those don't seem to be in any standard specification, or maybe I just can't find one).

Finally, I've tried HandJS, which promises cross-browser support for pointer events. I've added the script to my page, but it didn't enable touch drag for jQuery-UI draggable elements. Mouse dragging works, as always, but not touch. I'm referencing jquery-2.0.3, jquery-ui-1.10.3 and hand-1.2.

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jQuery UI supposedly has pointer event support built in now. I also wrote a gesture abstraction library so you do not need to care if the browser only has mouse, or does Apple's touch API or supports Pointer events at I have some updates coming in a few weeks so stay tuned!

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