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Hey guys thanks in advance for helping! Alright so I have attached my code below just having little trouble with sorting the linked list. Most of the functions work except the InsertInOrder. I have done most of the InsertInorder function but for some reason it won't sort.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

#ifndef TLIST_H
#define TLIST_H

// Interface of TList class
template <class T>
class TList

// Node structure
struct TListNode {
T data;             // Value stored in node
TListNode *next;    // Pointer to next node
}; // Node

// Define pointer type
typedef TListNode *TListNodePtr;

// Pointers to first and last node
TListNodePtr front, rear, currentNode;

// Private helper functions
void copynodes(TListNodePtr);

    // Constructors and destructor
    TList(const TList &);

// Status functions
bool empty()const;
bool full()const;

// List operation functions
void clear();

// Print function for testing only
void print()const;

// Overloaded assingment
TList operator=(const TList &);

// Recursive function to insert new node in order
void insertInOrder2(const T&,TListNodePtr &);

public: // CHANGE TO protected AFTER TESTING
    // List operation functions
    bool insertAtFront(const T&);   // Used by TStack
    bool removeFromFront(T&);       // Used by TStack and TQueue
    bool insertAtRear(const T&);    // Used by TQueue
    bool insertInOrder(const T&);

}; // TList

Here is the insertInOrder function that I worked on. Problem is I can't sort them out for some reason.

template <class T>
bool TList<T>::insertInOrder(const T& value)
    TListNodePtr newNode;               // A New Node
    TListNodePtr previousNode = NULL;       // The Previous Node

    return false;

//case 1: list empty
if(empty()) {
    rear=front=new TListNode;
    return true;
} else { 

    //Allocate a new node and store num there
    newNode = new TListNode;
    newNode->data = value;

    // Position TListNodePtr at the front of list
    currentNode = front;
    // Initialize prevousNode to NULL
    previousNode = NULL;

    // Skill all nodes whose value is less than value
    while(currentNode != NULL && currentNode->data < value){

        previousNode = currentNode;
        currentNode = currentNode -> next;


    // If the new node is to be the 1st in the list, insert it before all other nodes.
    if (previousNode == NULL) {
        newNode -> next = front;
        front = newNode;
        newNode -> next = currentNode;
    } else {
        // Otherwise insert after the previous node.

        previousNode->next = newNode;
        newNode->next = currentNode;

    } //else


return true;
}// InsertInOrder
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Do you have access to a debugger? If so, that's going to be a much more reliable method than SO for solving this kind of problem. If not, I'd recommend finding the bug by giving it the same list every time and inserting cout lines throughout so that you can trace the flow of the logic. – Ben S. Nov 10 '13 at 5:24
Could you perhaps provide some test input and output to show what problem you're getting with the insertInOrder() function? Note that perhaps the problem is with implementing the < comparison that you rely on. – Brian L Nov 10 '13 at 5:37

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