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I do have an Spring MVC web application integrated with PostgreSQL DB. Also I do have an android application. I am in the process of implementing RESTful web services between android application and Spring MVC Web application in such a way that Spring MVC web server will send data in JSON format to a specific URL and the same will be read by Android application for further processing. If my question is unclear pls do ask for more so that I will try giving more info on it.

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Do you look at spring-data-rest project in spring-projects?

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i checked that. but it could be better in which of those projects is related with connection of Android appln + Spring MVC web appln using JSON/REST. – SAMBA Nov 11 '13 at 20:45
If i understand you correctly, you need at client side (Android) some Spring-powered feature that can receive and handle JSON by REST, and on server side youd need Spring-powered feature that can produce JSON and send if by REST. So, as i mentioned before, at server you can use spring-data-rest (or Spring MVC if you want complicated data handling), and at client side you can use Spriing RestTemplate Also you can use JSON schema approach to establish JSON protocol. Hope this helps. – nndru Nov 12 '13 at 9:34

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