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My question is as simple as the title: i want to use R's ggplot2 but all my data handling is done in Python: is there a Python API for ggplot2, or an easy way to use ggplot2 through Python ?

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RPy allows you to call R from Python and provides with data conversion utilities. You can use ggplot2 function with the Graphics package, look at this section for some examples.

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Check this out:

This is a python port of R's ggplot2.

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You can use RPy to call R from within python or there is ggplot for python if you do not like matplotlib.

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Great answers so far, but don't forget about Bokeh:

All sorts of great ways to visualize data, emulating ggplot2 in some ways, but also inspired by the amazing D3.js library.

Here's an example of a ggplot2-style graph:

Ever wanted to make something like this in Python?


Here's the quickstart guide:

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