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char *my_buff = (char*)kmalloc(100,GFP_KERNEL);
char *buff = "Linux Device Drivers programming!";

This is part of the program. I'm getting an error as "Initialiser element is not a constant". Cant figure out what might be the cause of the error.

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don't cast the return value of malloc()! –  user529758 Nov 10 '13 at 9:12
possible duplicate of Error "initializer element is not constant" when trying to initialize variable with const; However this: stackoverflow.com/q/13620654/694576 suits even better. –  alk Nov 10 '13 at 9:56

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You're initializing a static member, means the compiler needs to know what is the value is at compile time. You're trying to assign a value that isn't knowable to the compiler at compile time but knows at run time which is causing the error. Try assigning it in a function as below,

char *my_buff;
    my_buff = kmalloc(100,GFP_KERNEL);
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Your variable my_buff is outside a function scope and you are initializing it from a non-constant result, i.e., the return value of kmalloc. You can't do that – you need to initialise my_buff in some function that gets called before it is used, or make the initializer a compile-time constant (which probably isn't possible in case of a pointer, although you might be able to change it to char my_buff[100]).

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