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What I can find online is all about retrieving information from Vine (through undocumented APIs). How can I upload the video in my app to Vine programmatically?

I just found this app can do this on the app store:


"For the first time, capture, enhance, and post your videos DIRECTLY to Vine or Instagram."

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Has anyone successfully done this? I'd love to see an implementation –  Jack Wu Jan 17 at 21:20
@phantomlimb Have you found the way to upload the video on VINE? –  Sudha Apr 2 at 4:59
@Sudha The accepted answer should work, I never tried though –  xdevelopery Apr 3 at 18:37

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I found this: https://github.com/VineAPI/VineAPI/blob/master/endpoints.md

You need to use these requests: Login, Upload thumbnail, Upload video, Create post.

I don't know if it works or not, you have to try. In any case, the use of undocumented (private) API can lead to bad consequences.

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