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I've got this text


what is the best way to convert this text to variables? Like this:

echo $q['foo']; //bar
echo $q['foobar']; //barfoo


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see http://docs.php.net/parse_str and http://docs.php.net/parse_url

$s = "?foo=bar&foobar=barfoo";
parse_str(parse_url($s, PHP_URL_QUERY), $q);


array(2) {
  string(3) "bar"
  string(6) "barfoo"

edit: If you know the string always has the form ?x=y... you might want to skip parse_url() and use substr() instead.
edit2: Keep in mind that the behavior of parse_str() depends on the value of arg_separator.input. Should you set it (for whatever reason) to something like '!' parse_string() will return NULL for your input string. e.g.

ini_set('arg_separator.input', '!');
$s = "foo=bar&foobar=barfoo";

prints NULL. But ...that would be a rather odd setting.

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Well this is a url so if you get it from a url source they should be automatically in $_GET['foo'] and $_GET['bar'] but if it's just a text string, you can do this:

$string = "?foo=bar&foobar=barfoo";
$string = str_replace('?', '', $string);
$params = explode('&', $string);

foreach($params as $key=>$value)
    $data = explode('=', $value);
    $_GET[$data[0]] = $data[1];

And all of your vars will be in $_GET array.

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